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    “I want to thank Bill Schmidt for the wonderful service he’s provided over the years with Employee Benefits for my company. It was a headache before trying to find a satisfactory employee package that balanced the benefits employees in our area expect and our company budget, but finding Bill was a godsend. He was able to get multiple lines of coverage for us that I didn’t think we could afford, but that our employees deserved. I had an amazing experience utilizing him while he was at SBIS, and that experience thankfully continued with his partnership into Integrated Insurance Solutions. Thank you, Bill!!!”

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    “Pretty good savings. Simple, yet effective website with a lot of information. Great customer service. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new option for their insurance.”

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    “We weren’t for sure about what coverage we needed when we were looking for Life Insurance, however a friend recommended Integrated Insurance Solutions. With our baby just born, IIS reassured us that if anything were to happen to us, that his future would be in care. Thank you Bill Schmidt for your patience with us.”

  • ST

    “Honestly, I’m so glad I took the advice of my stepfather in finding an insurance agent before just jumping into auto insurance through a carrier. I’ve probably saved nearly $500 this year in coverage after going through IIS first.”

  • NS

    “Ms. Wilson was absolutely wonderful. Last week our company had a lot going on with our Health Insurance and Ms. Wilson made sure we were good to go. Overall Integrated Insurance Solutions was the best discussion The Gate 15 Company has ever made. Thanks you for always giving us excellent customer service.”

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  • DM

    “I had the best experience visiting this website. With my busy life and always being at work it is hard for me to go into companies or even make a short phone call. When I went to the website they instantly gave me the choice to chat with an online representative and it was the fastest service I’ve ever received!! I received a great quote within minutes from Ellen and had a wonderful experience. Thanks again Ellen for the outstanding customer service!!”

  • TP

    “Integrated Insurance Solutions provided me with great(outstanding even) quotes and are beneficial whether you be an individual or company looking for affordable pricing and professional assistance”

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    “I called and got a quote and coverage all within one day. I thought the process was going to take a week…Awesome service, and a special thanks to Natalie!!!”